Ever since I met Daisuke, we had so many conversations, starting from just casual talks, which progressed into the process of manufacturing, and other things.

In particular, I remember that nothing concrete came out during the first year.
There was no mention of his going solo or the launch of a new brand.
It was probably difficult for us to understand each other’s feelings because of the distance. So we needed time to meet and better understand one another, and as a professional in each field, we were interested in each other’s work in our careers. That time was like sharing them before creating something together.
I think our first turning point was when I hurried to Yonago to visit Moto’s studio.
There was not only the background for the establishment of the Moto brand, but there was also nearly all of the Motoike family history, whose occupation was made from leather works that his father had made when he was young. In addition to the wonderful studio with store space and an atelier, there were also small workshops before the business expanded, the house where he was born and raised, and a room likes the studio where he had spent more rigorous training than he did as a child. There were many pieces from that time, which were massive amounts of leather stock, various tools and parts, and wonderful production environments.
There was everything that was necessary for the creator.
Based on the words and expressions of Daisuke Motoike, who showed this to me, I could guess that he desired to be in a new stage in his career as a creator and an expressionist.
After a while back in Tokyo, we met again, and at that time we were told for the first time that he was thinking about leaving Moto and launching his own brand.
At that point, he had no vision or direction, let alone his work, but what he was firm about was that he would create it in his own name.
From that point to this exhibition, our project began to move at a rapid pace far from the rhythm of a conventional dialogue.

Online exhibition

  • Motoike Daisuke Diary

    Artisan’s diary is the achieves of
    vestiges of daily hand-crafting
    and making processes.

  • Taupe D.motoike Dialogue

    “Taupe D.Motoike”collection was created
    by the concept refined each time
    through long dialogues.