taupe D.motoike

“DUOMO” Bracelet_2.0 K24

A collection inspired by the canopy of Duomo in Florence in Italy where he used to spend time as local artisan’s apprentice. It’s one of brand’s signature collection where he designs not only the texture of the material but also picks up approaches as well as processing as the design-concept for this collection. At the same time, this is quite rare pieces made of pure 24 carat gold which is well-known as very difficult metal to treat due to its unique characteristics.

material : K24 Gold
width : 2.0mm
size : 190mm, 200mm, 210mm, 220mm *total length



*This is made to order product. We will check out your size carefully once you made the order. (Please note that we can produce custom size which doesn’t exist in the size-run chart so please feel free to send an inquiry through the contact form.)


*This is one of a kind product due to fully hand-crafting. Each one is slightly different on both fitting and texture of the product.