“What is the definition of a contemporary poet?”
When asking poet Yamasaki Madoki about this, I wanted to explore what approaches in his poems, in his words, he uses in order to reach others.
Should one compose a poem and frame it? That surely wouldn’t reach anybody in this day and age.
In this era, where getting close to the existence of a poet and the poems that they weave together is few and far between, by what method can one bring forth a poem and have the words they strung together reach another?
While going about his activities as a musician, Yamasaki also leaves his trace as a poet by expressing himself via various outlets of tagging. Interpreting his activity up until now in my own way, I came upon the concept for his method of delivering poetry to others, “Living with Poetry (incorporating poetry into life)” and took the poet head-on for a gallery event.

a bard
          Someone who, as the storyteller, creates poetic expressions not only through poetry via language, but a diverse means of expressions, ranging from music composition and performance, to video production, and so forth.
“A bard is a poet, but a poet is not always a bard.”

Yamasaki Madoki           A poet and musician.
Yamasaki began his presentation of his words and poems around the 90’s through graffiti and tagging on public walls.
Quite quickly, he also engaged in music in earnest and has been hosting “BOOKWORM, a word-themed event, since the 90’s. In 2013, he began the release of poem collections through equivalent exchange. In recent years, he has contributed to many collaborations born from tagging, as well as delivering his works on the walls of stores.

I gave up my production space to Yamasaki. It was my first time experiencing what one would call “running a residence”. When making a proposal to Yamasaki, he responded, “I’ll do it here. I get the feeling that it can only be done here." I found that interesting and was on board with the idea.
His days spent leisurely drawing continue. I left my space to him without even giving as much as a deadline.
He referred to the space as “Soft Jail”. Snuffing out the presence oozing from the space, his creative friends would gather there night after night.

Words entirely dragged out
for a long time cannot be planted
in one’s head.

I feel that those words have to be something extremely brief, reminiscent of a seedling that nurtures a person when its planted in their heart.
Words, language. It doesn’t work out if it starts from a tree that has already developed; it can’t be planted that way.


“Life with Poetry” To bring that into fruition, I left all of my collected antiques in his hands.


  • Print on paper
    SIZE A2 (420×594mm)
    2,800 yen+tax送料込み edition 100
  • Print on paper
    SIZE A1 (594×841mm)
    1,800 yen+tax送料込み edition 200

Opening Gallery

Opening gallery
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Open gallery
2022.7.29 FRI - 8.11 THU12:00 - 18:00

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Gallery Direction
Nobuhiko Akiyoshi
Yusuke Shiki
Roca Onishi
Masakado Nishibayashi
Hiroki Osuka
Ahraun Chambliss
Shinwoo Lee
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