When taking the subway in Tokyo, I was surprised when I saw that most people take their ce ll phone out before even taking their seat. It was a bizarre sight to see, enough to make me t hink that what I was viewing was not actually reality but some kind of virtual experience. Tha t’s when I came up with the idea of generations and screens. In other words, no matter what generation you look at, members of each one have a close relation with some kind of “scree n” or ”ecran”, and each generation builds a happy relation with those screens. The evolution of technology moves forward with the eras. For my parents’ era, it was TV. It was the comput er for our generation. And the current generation is glued to their iphone, right? Every gener ation is satisfied being connected to one of those “ecran”. Thus, they are protected by those screens. With that, I came up with the “Ecran Total” theme from the keywords “protection” an d “ecran”. It’s the name of a high-protection sunscreen in France. I thought that I might have been mes sing around too much by choosing a title like this, but I felt that it matched with the three mod els that I wanted to present, so I stuck with that title.

Lolo (Laurent Stephan)

Laurent StephanAccalmie

After photography studied at the Gobelins school Paris, i worked for 10 years in a photo studio specializing in fashion as a traditional shooter and infographist. Then I left the world of image to study saddling-leather goods for 1 year at the school Grégoire-Férrandi Paris (now “La Fabrique”). Then I joined the house of Hermès and worked for 8 years with a specialty in cutting and purchasing crocodile and lizard leather. In 2015 I left Hermès and decided to develop my own bags brand: Accalmie.


Saddler’s work

How come does he make everything stubbornly by hand. And why is it so fascinating.We believe an appeal of the any kinds of works which made by hand is we can feel the maker behind it.The man who used to work at the most high-end luxury production in the world has been making his own here in Japan by French traditional saddler techniques. We are pleased to introduce what we saw and what we’ve learned together with “behind the scene” of his production through all our time spent in the atelier while hearing some speeches by the man who’s normally very quiet.


miho nakajima
nobuhiko akiyoshi





    titleGRI GRI

    materialcrocodile x calf

  • model.M


    materialcrocodile x calf

  • model.L


    materialcrocodile x calf


Story behind

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