ACCALMIE. A brand run solely by Laurent Stephan, who hand-produces all of its leather products by hand, from the cutting all the way down to the sewing. At “migration”, his upcoming exhibition, Stephan will present three new forms of his work. This will be his first time selecting ostrich for his production, and he will be adding it to crocodile skin, the axis of ACCALMIE products. Migration: to transition, to cross, to relocate. What will we place in our hands? One’s thoughts reserved for detail, and the expression of practice.A stance that seeps out of the work’s presence. It can all be viewed at this exhibition.

Techniques from traditional French harness making and aesthetically pleasing transparency of needlework that uses deadstock linen thread. Materials in ACCALMIE production are limited to natural leather, hemp thread, acacia oil and the minimum amount of metal products necessary to complete the work. Paying one’s respect to nature. Form and technique that keep waste to a minimum. These are the underlying themes of Laurent Stephan’s practice.

The eyes and hands of Laurent Stephan, who spent eight years at Maison Hermes buying and cutting high-quality crocodile and reptile leather. He picks out leather from a top quality tanner,cuts it, coats it by hand with acacia oil and then pieces it together, stitch by stitch.

Working with ostrich is a first for his brand. He prepared bone, brown, and red colors and set forth on his journey with this strong yet supple material. Instead of flatly hammering out its dot-patterned bumps, he makes use of its natural expression of beauty.

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Laurent StephanAccalmie

After spending ten years working in Paris as a developer in the fashion photography field and doing computer graphic design jobs alongside numerous famous photographers, Stephan learned harness making and leather working. Then he began working for Maison Hermes,where he started out in the atelier, in charge of the cutting of high quality leather from crocodile and reptile. He then moved on to simultaneously working as a buyer of those materials. He left Maison Hermes after continuing to work for eight years and started his own brand, ACCALMIE. He currently resides and continues his activity in Kyoto.

About him→ ロロに迫るインタビュー
His career→ ロロのこれまで

Saddler’s work


How come does he make everything stubbornly by hand. And why is it so fascinating.We believe an appeal of the any kinds of works which made by hand is we can feel the maker behind it.The man who used to work at the most high-end luxury production in the world has been making his own here in Japan by French traditional saddler techniques. We are pleased to introduce what we saw and what we’ve learned together with “behind the scene” of his production through all our time spent in the atelier while hearing some speeches by the man who’s normally very quiet.


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