Written by
Nobuhiko Akiyoshi

Many times over the years, Daisuke and I discussed this exhibition,
and finally we came to two key words – ‘Diary’ and ‘Dialogue’.

I recognize him as a devout craftsman and I also inevitably noticed that he has two sides to him.
On one side he is as the artist known as ‘Daisuke Motoike’,
and the other is as a producer for his brand known as ‘Taupe D.Motoike’.

In the process of organizing his works and knowing he has two different sides,
it is easy to see, there are times that he has worked that nobody knows about.
“The Diary” archives his everyday work,
[He always uses the leather seat under the crafts for color protection and he notes the date and years when he makes his products on it.]. It is symbolized by the leather pieces as his artwork.

In contrast, “the Dialogue” refers to his collections symbolized by Taupe D. Motoike,
which was created based off of a carefully built-up concept from our long conversations.
Throughout this exhibition,
I would like to get closer to what his thoughts of the artisans should be like,
and I can show them to you, through our deep discussion.

About Daisuke Motoike

Daisuke Motoike
Daisuke was born in a leather craftsman’s house, touching leather by the time he could remember playing and spending his days working with leather in his youth.
In order to become a leather craftsman, he started his severe training [with his father] in early childhood.
After exploring the potential of leather as a material and working on it.
He was absorbed in making not only leather but also gold and metal materials.
He spent his days studying jewelry that leather-makers make.
After returning to Japan, he converted his family business into a brand and made a remarkable achievement as a craftsman representing his brand.
After he spent over20 years as a craftsman representing his family’s brand,
he became independent with his own company known as Daisuke Motoike.

He seeks ‘artisan’s style’ that goes beyond the craftsmanship.
And he tries to use all natural materials for his expressions.
Then he launched Taupe.D Motoike as a private brand that refuse to compromise on material/ matière [The word, matière, is material in French].

Also regarding creative expressions as an artist and a craftsman, with stronger work characteristics, he will show you his products in different approach from Taupe D.Motoike under the name as Motoike Daisuke.

Online exhibition

  • Motoike Daisuke Diary

    Artisan’s diary is the achieves of
    vestiges of daily hand-crafting
    and making processes.

  • Taupe D.motoike Dialogue

    “Taupe D.Motoike”collection was created
    by the concept refined each time
    through long dialogues.



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    Gallery Direction
    Nobuhiko Akiyoshi
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