Written by
Nobuhiko Akiyoshi

For the next galerie a event, we will be hosting Daisuke Motoike for his solo exhibition, “primal memories”. Coating urushi onto leather. Shippi, a lacquerware technique that prospered in the Nara Period and was superceded by woodgrain with the coming of the Heian Period. This case, made by this technique known as shippi currently boasts the status of a national treasure. Daisuke Motoike takes the shippi technique and reconstructs it with his own interpretations and though process to present works that reverberate in present day. He coats seven to eight layers of urushi coloring onto the leather. Coating. Letting it naturally dry out over time. Shaving down the urushi coating. And then adding another layer of coating. The spectacle that is born from this process of repetition are products of views that Motoike recalled within himself, such as sunsets at Lake Shinji, where he was raised, or views that look like they were seen through negative film slides. A plethora of natural colors reminiscent of the depths of abstract emotions. This exhibition takes the monochromatic work that Motoike presented last year at his “Overlaid” exhibition one step further and plunges into the world of color. Shippi color shown through a signature bag that expresses Motoike’s craft. Two-dimensional drawings and collages. Jewelry from Mototike’s own brand, taupe D. Motoike. All of these works that give us a peak of the many facets of Motoike will be on display at this event.


Story behind


Daisuke Motoike
Daisuke was born in a leather craftsman’s house, touching leather by the time he could remember playing and spending his days working with leather in his youth. In order to become a leather craftsman, he started his severe training [with his father] in early childhood. After exploring the potential of leather as a material and working on it. He was absorbed in making not only leather but also gold and metal materials. He spent his days studying jewelry that leather-makers make. After returning to Japan, he converted his family business into a brand and made a remarkable achievement as a craftsman representing his brand. After he spent over20 years as a craftsman representing his family’s brand,he became independent with his own company known as Daisuke Motoike. He seeks ‘artisan’s style’ that goes beyond the craftsmanship. And he tries to use all natural materials for his expressions. Then he launched Taupe.D Motoike as a private brand that refuse to compromise on material/ matière [The word, matière, is material in French]. Also regarding creative expressions as an artist and a craftsman, with stronger work characteristics, he will show you his products in different approach from Taupe D.Motoike under the name as Motoike Daisuke.

The beginning of

The original Urushi on leather artwork presented by Motoike.
Such an artwork that I have never seen before, and I could not conceal my surprise.
This representation is named "Overlaid", and it continues to evolve.


Using the Shippi design that was first introduced at the previous exhibition,
this box with lid is made using Shippi molded into a cylindrical "Inro" shape with leather strap attached.
This is a signature piece by Daisuke Motoike and can also be used as a bag.


Exploring new expressions of Shippi,
and on display for the first time for this exhibition,
this pattern is created by hanging leather on molded clay and directly overlaid with Urushi.

Art works

This artwork is made using overlaid Shippi in a combination of patterns,
creating and image that resembles a refined painting.
Applied on a clay base to create a 3-dimensional aspect,
this artwork is the expression of Shippi on a flat surface.

Overlaid works

Daisuke Motoike's Shippi creations are considered unique,
with the material used in antique furniture,
bags and various designer goods.

taupe D.Motoike jewelry

Daisuke Motoike’s original design jewelry brand,
all fully handmade by the designer himself.

Open gallery

2022.12.9(FRI)-18(SUN)12:00 - 18:00
101, 3-36-26 Jingumae Shibuya-ku TOKYO 150-0001 JAPAN
+81 03 6874 6102


Gallery Direction
Nobuhiko Akiyoshi
Yusuke Shiiki
Roca Onishi
Masakado Nishibayashi
Yuko Mori
Shoko Akiyoshi