Written by
Nobuhiko Akiyoshi

The original version of leather coated with lacquer,
which can be said to be the beginning of this exhibition.

About three years ago in the middle of a meeting, without so much as a warning, Mr. Motoike showed me the original version (a trial leather sample that came before this work), saying “I want you to have a look at this”. The feel and appearance of this leather was astounding, and in my career I’ve never once seen leather that had the texture that this leather possessed. Not able to imagine what one would need to do in order get such a result, I inquired.

“I used urushi.”

In Japan, shippi was only acknowledged as an old “technique that is used for change in coloration and endurance”. In fashion business, I’ve dealt with leather goods from countries all across the globe, but I’ve never seen or even touched leather of this kind.

Traditional leather making draws very clear lines. The expression created through applying layers on layers of urushi is not simply something that was a reenactment of the shippi that existed since the Asuka Period, but something like a different class of expression that resulted from testing the fusion of a natural leather material and Japanese lacquer that Motoike Daisuke did as a craftsmen. He has been acquainted with leather since early childhood, close to 40 years. I strongly feel that it is a material that was realized specifically because it was done by him, who possesses exceptional skill, knowledge and experience.

So how will Mr. Motoike and I go about our production while sensing the great potential that this material has in a significant way.
We are getting acquainted with this new material in search for an answer to that question.

About Daisuke Motoike

Daisuke Motoike
Daisuke was born in a leather craftsman’s house, touching leather by the time he could remember playing and spending his days working with leather in his youth.
In order to become a leather craftsman, he started his severe training [with his father] in early childhood.
After exploring the potential of leather as a material and working on it.
He was absorbed in making not only leather but also gold and metal materials.
He spent his days studying jewelry that leather-makers make.
After returning to Japan, he converted his family business into a brand and made a remarkable achievement as a craftsman representing his brand.
After he spent over20 years as a craftsman representing his family’s brand,he became independent with his own company known as Daisuke Motoike.

He seeks ‘artisan’s style’ that goes beyond the craftsmanship.
And he tries to use all natural materials for his expressions.
Then he launched Taupe.D Motoike as a private brand that refuse to compromise on material/ matière [The word, matière, is material in French].

Also regarding creative expressions as an artist and a craftsman, with stronger work characteristics, he will show you his products in different approach from Taupe D.Motoike under the name as Motoike Daisuke.

Open gallery

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Gallery Direction
Nobuhiko Akiyoshi
Yusuke Shiiki
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